Hedge Laying 

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Hedgelaying is a traditional technique used to manage hedgerows, forms of this technique have been used since roman times. As hedge plants go through their life cycle they naturally start to lose their lower limbs, this causes a poor gappy base of the hedge to be present. The point of hedgelaying is to encourage vigorous growth to occur from the base of the individual stems, like you would see from a coppice stool, but to maintain the structure of the hedge therefore a solid boundary whilst this regeneration occurs. 
This is achieved by cutting the stems three quarters of the way through low to the ground and bending them over at approximately a 45 degree. The stems are then woven through hazel stakes which holds it all together, hazel binders are then woven along the top of the stakes to lock them all in place. 
All of our hazel stakes and binders come from coppiced woodlands, these coppiced areas provide a woodland with a structural diversity which leads to the greatest diversity of habitat. It is this diversity of available habitats which determines how many species can thrive in a woodland. All of our native woodland species have developed alongside coppicing and many depend on it. We are passionate about trying to help return woodlands into coppice rotation and by using coppiced products, and often coppicing them ourselves, we can help. 
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