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Heritage Arboriculture's core beliefs are based on the care of our Environment. A major part of this is the maximisation of our natural resources such as Woodlands and Hedgerows. Practising traditional crafts such as Hedgelaying and Woodland Management encourage a vibrant ecosystem that provides habitat and food for wildlife. By using products such as Hazel and coppiced Willow helps sustain these crafts and the industries they are based on, while providing beautiful, natural features that blend in and compliment the surrounding environment. 
Jobs are completely bespoke, and designed to your exact criteria. 
Vertical stakes are used to form a framework through which coppiced willow is woven. Different colours and textures may produce different effects and are caused by using different species of weaving material. Common Osier Willow (Salix viminalis) is coppiced on a rotation basis to produce the materials and helps form an important habitat, traditionally near rivers. 
Securing an Owl box to a mature tree
Woodland requires management in order to be healthy and productive. Whether it is managing small copses of trees, or planning the management of commercial woodland for various purposes, Heritage Arboriculture offers the experience, knowledge and skill to deliver. 
Pollarding, Coppicing, Thinning and Felling are all traditional methods used in the production of natural timber items that may then be utilised elsewhere. Examples of this include the coppiced Hazel stakes used in Hedgelaying and Willow Fencing. 
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