Willow Fencing 

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Traditionally, locally sourced materials are used in the production of fences and laid hedges. Products used include Hazel, Sweet Chestnut, Alder and Willow which all produce a very organic and naturally aging appearance that enhances views, form privacy barriers or may be used to produce raised gardens. 
Vertical stakes are used to form a framework through which coppiced willow is woven. Different colours and textures may produce different effects and are caused by using different species of weaving material. Common Osier Willow (Salix viminalis) is coppiced on a rotation basis to produce the materials and helps form an important habitat, traditionally near rivers. 
Advantages of Willow Fencing include the ability to replicate natural curves and undulations in the area and allowing you to change the height of a fence in a very natural rolling manner. An in situ woven fence will significantly outlast shop brought panels because the strength is derived from the fact that the whole fence is one continuous weave. Also there is a greater thickness of willow used to make this secure boundary. Another advantage of using willow as a fencing material is that each individual piece of work is entirely bespoke and tailored specifically to your requirements. 
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