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The removal of unsafe trees is an essential part of responsible tree management. At any point in a tree's cycle it may become too unsafe to leave it in position. Nearby hazards may dictate that its removal is necessary, or changes to the local landscape may mean the tree has outgrown its' location. In either case there are two main methods of removal. Where lack of space dictates it, trees must be climbed and removed in small sections in order to avoid damage to surrounding structures. 
Tree removal in Woburn
Occasionally there is no option other than to remove trees upon safety criteria. If this is the case, often there is insufficient space to straight fell trees. However, when possible felling is a far quicker method of removal than climbing and dismantling the tree in pieces. 
Tree removal - felling in Bedford, Bedfordshire
Tree removal - sectional dismantling in Wavendon House Drive, Bucks
Occasionally there is no option other than to remove potentially dangerous trees. Decay, Fungal Infection, Bacterial Infection and simply being planted in the wrong location are common reasons for removal. When the tree is in close proximity to buildings, or potentially hazardous obstacles, it is necessary climb the tree and lower it in small pieces using rigging equipment to control the decent of the waste material. 
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