Sectional Dismantling 

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Occasionally there is no option other than to remove potentially dangerous trees. Decay, Fungal Infection, Bacterial Infection and simply being planted in the wrong location are common reasons for removal. When the tree is in close proximity to buildings, or potentially hazardous, it is necessary climb the tree and lower it in small pieces using rigging equipment to control the decent of the waste material. 
In some circumstances where trees are too hazardous to be climbed manually, we utilise Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP's) in order to access the crown. This clearly increases the costs involved and we would always recommend removing trees as soon as possible when they die. 
We can advise you on a wide variety of health issues with your tree stock. Many trees can live on long after their health begins to decline. Decisions are based primarily on safety, however good pruning and tree husbandry can extend a trees life and maintain its aesthetic value to the area. 
Many Fungi will produce clearly visible symptoms during autumn which makes it an excellent time to inspect trees. Many of our clients live in Conservation Areas and have tree with Tree Preservation Orders placed upon their trees, we therefore take care of all planning requirements as part of our comprehensive tree service. 
Sectionally dismantling a large Lime tree in Peterborough
For more information about Heritage Arboriculture Ltd or to book an appointment to discuss your trees, please call us on 01234 720801. 
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dismantling in Odell
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